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Welcome to our downloads page. You may get a podcast of all files on this page by clicking on this link and copying it to your clipboard to put it in your pod catcher or RSS feed.

This web site will be split in to tables. The tables will be as described above, and will have the podcast title, tribute by, etc. as well as a description of the show, or when the tribute was recorded.

If you want to hear anything by telephone, then please contact the Michelle Dyer Memorial at 575-802-8980. This is a long distance call to the state of New Mexico, and The Jared Rimer Network assumes no responsibility for your charges.


This first table will be technology podcasts that Michelle participated in. The full episode of the podcast will be released, not just the segment she was in.

Some of the podcasts were streamed through other telephone systems, and now it resides on My Telespace.

The Technology blog and podcast series
Podcast number and date Show notations
Technology podcast 44: July 21, 2007 This podcast is Technology podcast 44 of the Technology blog and podcast series. It was first released on July 21, 2007. Mike Arrigo and Michelle Dyer were on this podcast. I talk about how the podcast was neglected, and this podcast would be coming out. Its 74 minutes and 7 seconds in length. I hope you enjoy this one. Some adult content maybe possible during this show. We talk about HTML and and some other odds and ends.
Technology podcast 19: October 5, 2006 On this edition of the Technology blog and podcast, we have what was posted to the blog at that time, Michelle Dyer is along for a segment, as well. We start with an article from the Matilda Zeigler. Michelle's segment is an hour and 49 minutes. The original release of this podcast was October 5, 2006. Its 149 minutes long and we hope you enjoy this podcast!
Technology podcast 10, June 17, 2006 This is a technology podcast taped and made available on June 17, 2006. Michelle Dyer and Shane Davidson were in this podcast. I introduce the podcast, which include several different articles. This was podcast 10 of the technology podcast series. Michelle's segment is a little over an hour. We hope you enjoy the program as much as we all did back then. The podcast lasts 2 hours and 1 minute.
Technology podcast 1: March 6, 2006 This first ever podcast of the Technology blog and podcast features Michelle in a 58 minute segment where we talk security, and other things. The entire podcast is just under two hours long. We hope you enjoy.

That completes this table of technology podcasts. At this time, all of the podcasts that Michelle showed up in are posted. Please enjoy these podcasts.

Commentary on different things

This next table is commentary on different things whether it is show related or not. You never know what you'll find here.

Commentary on different things
Commentary date Description>
Michelle Going off on Philmore Voice mail October 7, 2005 Commentary on Philmore for the 7th of October, 2005: I was on Philmore when a user named Robert put out a message to all his groups per her request. She responds to a greeting in which Robert had up at the time. Note that the laser box number given is not valid any longer. She talks about the fact of people abusing the Philmore system back at that time and her decisions not to be on it any longer. While she did eventually come back, a user sent this to me to put up here as one of the times that Michelle would just go off. 16 minutes worth in this file. Enjoy!
Michelle's commentary on a tech program February 18, 2005 This file which is 13:05 is a commentary on a program in which i called the Technology Archives. It was recorded and made available in 2005. To be exact, it was February 18, 2005. She talks about the Code Amber project back then and how people were trashing it. This was an excellent piece, in which I think you aught to enjoy like I did.

That completes this table

The Code Amber ppodcast or conferences

This next table is going to be Code Amber Podcasts or conferences. We had an amber alert conference which will be featured in this section for example.

The beginning podcasts were done strictly through Philmore Productions Voice Mail and as the podcast progressed, we moved strictly to computer. We did go through some inclinations of putting the casts on different systems, and settled for My Telespace where it currently resides as a memorial to Michelle. We hope you enjoy these podcasts. The podcasts are no longer being produced, and the domains in which we mention are no longer in existance.

The following casts may be for those over the age of 18. Please keep this in mind when listening to this section of programming.

Code Amber podcasts and conferences
Show name Description
Amber Alert Podcast 39 for September 4, 2006 Podcast 39 is the final podcast that Michelle is in. There is podcast 40 of the Amber alert podcast, but I am not sure she is in there. This podcast is lengthy, and it made me almost lose my job with the Code Amber Project. Very contraversal if you ask. This podcast was done September 4, 2006.
Amber Alert podcast 30 for June 9, 2006 Welcome to podcast 30 of the Code Amber series. This was done originally on 6-9-2006. Lots of article coverage, commentary from Michelle, and an AMW episode. We also have a news notes segment as well. We hope you enjoy the show!
Amber Alert Podcast 25: April 19, 2006 Podcast 25 of the Amber Alert podcast has a ton of guests including Michelle. Several of us get in to a conference, and we talk about what was on the prior podcast, and an AMW segment as well. We hope you enjoy. Its 134 minutes and 9 seconds.
Amber Alert podcast 21: March 18, 2006 A 183 minute and 11 second podcast dealing with Carley Brucia's case. We have transcripts and Michelle Dyer here on this cast as well. We hope you enjoy this cast.
Amber Alert podcast 19 for March 2, 2006 Michelle was on Podcast 19 when we continued talking about the Jetsetta Gage and Arthur Vitesek cases. It is 148 minutes and 54 seconds or roughly 2 and a half hours. wWe start this podcast off with the sentencing of Roger Bentley. Other topics are in this cast too, so stay tuned.
Amber Alert podcast 18: February 26, 2006 Podcast 18 of the Amber Alert podcast series is 82 minutes and 11 seconds. Michelle Dyer was on this podcast, and we had AMW for a specific time period. We had stats as of 2-14-06 and an article dealing with Nascar and solicitations for sex with minors. Michelle is there for that commentary. Enjoy.
Amber Alert podcast 9: January 15, 2006 This is podcast 9 which is packed. This podcast was released on the 15th of January 2006. The running time is 51 minutes and 1 second.
Amber Alert podcast 5: December 27, 2005 Podcast 5 of the Code Amber Podcast series was part 1 of Year end review. It featured Michelle Dyer and Phillip Tracy. It is 63 minutes and 17 seconds. 40 minutes in this podcast, we talk about one of the most discusting cases I've ever remember dealing with. I'm talking about the case of Jetseta Marrie Gage where the girl was raped, murdered, and thrown in a ttrash bag. Listen to this and what Michelle and I talk about in this cast and I hope you enjoy this one.
Amber Alert Podcast 2: December 11, 2005 This is podcast number 2 of the Amber Alert Podcast Series. This podcast was dealing with Arthur Vitasek. We cover news of the week, and a whole lot more. This show features Michelle Dyer again and is 63 minutes and 39 seconds.
Amber Alert podcast 1: December 4, 2005 The first several podcasts were done through the phone on Philmore Productions Voice Mail The first podcast, released December 4th, 2005 delbt with the entire case of Carley Brucia which was a very interesting case. Michelle Dyer was part of this podcast which is 66 minutes and 15 seconds.
The Amber Alert conference part of the JP Radio suite of broadcasts May18, 2005 This conference was part of a series that is no longer in existance. I mention a program called JP Radio, which we recorded for. The conference is 75 minutes long. The participants include: myself, Robert, Michelle, Leonard, Scott, Anji, and Harley. We had a great time with this one, and we hope you enjoy this conference.

KGKI programs

The following are KGKI programs. This is a talk program dealing with motor sports news. We hope you enjoy the programs.

KGKI programs
KGKI program Download


This will list conferences that the Network has for Michelle's Memorial.

Conferences for memorial
Name of conference Description
The Michelle Dyer Memorial conference May 26, 2013 The Michelle Dyer Memorial Conference from 2013.
Michelle Dyer Memorial Conference May 16, 2012 The Michelle Dyer Memorial Conference from 2012.
Michelle Dyer Memorial Conference for June 5, 2011 Welcome to the Michelle Dyer Meorial conference for June 5, 2011. Jared is proud to be able to present this to you. This conference lasts 3 and a half hours. I hope you enjoy!
Michelle Dyere Memorial Conference for February 5, 2011 This 5 hour conference which Jared was not a part of due to illness, was just a catchup with everyone, and it was a good one according to the moderator. Jared has not listened to this as of yet, but there were definitely people in there that have not shown before. Jared hopes you enjoy this program.
The Michelle Dyer Memorial conference for August 26, 2010 A second Michelle Dyer Memorial conference. The file is 250 minutes, and we have a good time talking about Michelle, and some other odds and ends of the phone world and other topics. I go ahead and have everyone introduce each other, and we even have someone outside the United States calling in to the facility. Thanks to everyone who participated.
Michelle Dyer Memorial Conference July 3, 2010 Welcome to the Michelle Dyer Memorial conference that we held on July 3, 2010. This conference is 5 hours long, and we talk about how Michelle ended up passing away, and there were thoughts and comments around. Some strong language Enjoy.

Tributes from users

This next table is going to be tributes from users. The tributes within this table do not represent the opinions of the Jared Rimer Network or its staff. If you wish to contribute your own tribute, please contact Jared Rimer through his web site and let him know. If you can't produce your own audio, you may call the telephone line at 575-802-8980 long distance to New Mexico. If you need toll-free access, let me know and I'll provide you a number.

Tributes from users
contributer name and date description
James In Tennessee tribute for September 8, 2010 On September 8, 2010: James in Tennessee left a tribute in the voice mail box we use to house a phone version of the web site. We wanted to get this up there, and now we are. It was a great tribute, and while he said he wasn't on My Telespace then, he is now. We hope you enjoy this tribute.
Gary from New York's tribute August 21, 2010 Gary from Buffalo New York talks about the loss of Michelle and how it has touched him. 3 minutes, 8 seconds.
Melissa from Virgina answering a question dealing with death June 18, 2010 I had asked a question dealing with how people were dealing with Michelle's death. This 2 minute 51 second file was recorded on MY Telespace on June 18, 2010 answering my question.
Melissa from Virginia thoughts on the Memorial service June 15, 2010 Melissa from Virginia left comments on the memorial service that was held the weekend of 6-11/6-13. 3 minutes 55 seconds.
Scott Van Gorp's Tribute June 1, 2010 Here's a tribute that tells the story of how I met Michelle and worked with her on several projects. I also describe some of Michelle's personal characteristics that are still special to me and others I'm sure. 10 minutes and 20 seconds.
Tribute left by Leonard Gross May 31, 2010 This tribute was left by one of our members of the Code Amber Team Leonard Gross. It was well done, thanks Leonard.
Shaun in Iowa's tribute compiled May 30, 2010 Shaun in Iowa submitted a story, and a track for his tribute. Shaun can not speak, so he is using a Vocal Writer for speaking his story. He was born this way, and we need to remember that not everyone has the same way of communicating. The track he selected comes from the artist Andrea Bocelli and the CD this track comes from is Sogno. The track is a duet, and its track number 2 of that CD entitled: "The Prauyer." Shaun and the Network hopes you enjoy this tribute.
Patty in Delaware Memorial May 30, 2010 Patty left a very nice tribute left on May 30, 2010. Its a 3 minute 51 second memorial.
Melissa's Memories May 29, 2010 This memory from Melissa talks about Michelle and the weather. This was an interest memory and some stories are shared about some of the storms. We hope you enjoy this 6 minute piece from Melissa.
Chick memorial May 26, 2010 This memorial is a 4 minute 16 second tribute by Chica.
Jared Rimer's Tribute May 26, 2010 This is Jared Rimer's tribute. The music is from Rob Costlow which is an artist on Magnatune. Jared wrote this tribute in a short letter form with this piece in the background, then after ending the tribute, plays the whole piece for everyone to hear. Its 10 minutes and 31 seconds. He hopes you enjoy this piece and this tribute.
Chica memorial May 24, 2010 This memorial was left on May 24, 2010. Its 5 minutes and 27 seconds and left by Chica. Enjoy.
Chica Memorial May 24, 2010 A 1 minute tribute to Michelle left on May 24, 2010.
Chica Memorial left May 24, 2010 A 3 minute memorial left on May 24, 2010.
Tribute from Debbie G May 23, 2010 This tribute left by Debbie G from My Telespace was a very nice message. Comforting, but very nice. She talks about how Michelle would pray for her in times of need due to her parents dying months apart, and how she heard Michelle praying. This was very nice, thanks for sharing, Debbie. This is about 3 minutes.
Chicka Memorial May 22, 2010 This tribute is from Chicka. Its a very nice tribute that lasts a minute and 52 seconds.
A Tribute from Mike in St. Louis and Melissa in Virginia May 21, 2010 A 5 minute and 3 second memorial from Mike in St. Louis, and Melissa in Virginia. This was initially recorded on the Philmore Voice Mail system the day after passing. It was posted on My Telespace on May 21, 2010 which is the date I'm putting on here. Michelle, you will be missed. Enjoy this one.
Melissa from Virginia's tribute from May 20, 2010 This tribute left by Melissa in Virginia, was left on the toll-free line I can provide upon request. Its a 7 minute plus tribute, put in to 1 file. It was posted on the 800 number on May 20, 2010. I hope you enjoy this tribute.

That is all the files. Please return to our home page or our articles page and thanks for stopping by!

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